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by andeaux

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Abstractfilth: You’re kicking it in Surfing’s Mecca, so between reef spills and pits of a lifetime what’s a funnier flick to pass the time Blue Crush or North Shore?

Conner Coffin: North shore! It's a classic! We quote it all the time when we’re in Hawaii! 


If you could go back in time to see any show dead or alive, who would you like to see jam again in the flesh?

Hot dayummmm that’s about the hardest question you could ask me! Just bout every band i love has had most key members pass away so there are a lot of em i would die to see!!! But, If i had to pick ONE show, it would be front row at the filmore east to see dicky bets and duane allman share face melting guitar solos! 22 minutes of whipping post!


Your premieres are notorious for when good people and sound collide, what’s your axe of choice Fender Strat or Telecaster?

I’ve been playing my tele a bunch lately! But the strat always gets cycled in! Apples and oranges.


One grind you don’t go a week without eating?

When I’m home, some damn good SB carne asada tacos! 


The most annoying interview question?

"So Conner, if you were not Conner Coffin, who would you be?"


3 words to describe Backdoor?




The last DM you sent?

To a gal from Denmark that I met in Hawaii. 


Since day 1, Young Wise Tails is and always will be a solid spot to find what trouble you and your brother Parker have been getting into both when it comes to firing surf and babes. So with that said, who is the chica to find on the gram these days?

Well thank you! Youngwisetails has been down for a week cause we can’t get our domain transferred ugh. She’ll be back soon and we’re going to reignite the fire though! The chica to find on insta shit, there are so many damn girls on there taking pictures of their butts… it’s wild. I honestly don’t know.


What did you eat for dinner last night?

Roasted chicken!


Bob [Hurley] fueled stoke for all the boys in and out of the office, how is it having the raddest boss in the biz?

Well, though Bob isn't really my boss anymore, he is a legend. It was great to get to know him through my childhood and he was always that guy who made you believe that you could do something awesome. He’s been a visionary for so many years in the surf world and such a positive and upbeat human being.


First time you hooked up with a chick?

I think I was like 13 on Tavarua hanging out with Johnny Maher and Manpaji (two of the boatmen). All I wanted to do at that point in my life was be a boatman at tavarua. They convinced this like 15 year girl to make out with me! [Laughs] 


If you had to surf one stick for the rest of your life?

SHIT! Only one! Black Beauty, because I’d still be going fast even when I am an old timer!


Favorite word?


Growing up North in S.B. understated legends have left their mark on surfing… who’s left their mark on you?

So many Legendary people in those parts. I’ve looked up to a lot of people around that are just rad local guys. Tom curren has a lot to do with why I do what I do. Dane Reynolds, Bobby Martinez, Chris Brown, Al Merrick. Those are a few. Brian Aresco. 


Where is one spot you have to get barreled at before you die?

Nicks secret wave! woah.



f r e e

f r e e



"  s o m e  d a m n g o o d   SB

c a r n e    a s a d a  t a c o s      "

Advice to all young wise groms worldwide?

Find something you’re passionate about and love to do and get out there and do it! And have a damn good time doing it.

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