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  1. a transparent flammable plastic made in sheets from camphor and nitrocellulose, formerly used for cinematographic film.

    • motion pictures as a genre.

      "having made the leap from theater to celluloid, she can now make more money"

also known as Phucas / Anime Binger

and 98k gram followers under his belt.

    Lucas is a jack of all trades, and master of many.

                           A Vine prodigy

                              cinema smith

                             & rare gem.

so we gave him a buzz, and the rest is history.

power stance.

power stance.



How you doing?

How you doing?









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Have you ever anime’d and chilled?

Oh! Let me think the closest I have ever gotten to that was Dreamworks and chill. I watched the movie Home and had sex with my girlfriend. [Laughs]

Dragon Ball Z is dropping again, what are your thoughts on its comeback? It’s really funny that you’re asking this too. Because I really just started getting really fucking into it. I know it has been around for a bit but the fact that it’s making a comeback makes it really sick dude. It’s an OG anime.


The youth of the 21st century have found themselves between film and digital, so why do you prefer to shoot with film? For a lot of reasons man. But first with film versus digital, you develop a unique style. Because with film there are so many different kinks and stuff that go into it that represent the style that is an extension of you. With film you can always adjust, but there’s something about the lighting that hits your camera.


If you were going to die tomorrow, what would be the last meal of your choosing? Probably cereal or something.

The Ovalle’s are all musicians you and bro Josh (Ovalle) both play that kit in the garage both you boys have an attraction to cinema, and slay social media. So how do you guys a long behind the lens? Having each other. When Josh and I are working on stuff we get really passionate about something and just do it. It’s a never ending cycle of inspiration. It goes in line with that taking action can create so much more passion. The things that you make can mean so much more on how the audience reacts to it.


The last prank call you made? Damn dude. I wish I could remember a more recent date.


This isn't your first rodeo, what's your least favorite question to answer? Oh shit, like, “What’s your favorite vine of your own?”


Where does that energy derive from, everyone has one, who's your hero? My audience. Doing something that makes people feel something is fucking crazy.


What's the cringiest comment you've had someone comment on your Insta? I had one. I get this one kinda commonly. Like the brutal meme ones “You used to be funny!” [Laughs]


Are you ever gonna get a tat? I already have it all planned out! It’s gonna be a little pill and it’s going to have an “M” on it.

The chicas are lining out the door for you, what’s one word of advice to give to them if they wanted to Dreamworks and chill with you? You know it better be a Ratatouille, WALL-E or I’m not getting hard. [Laughs]

"where there is chaos... 

...there is opprotunity."

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