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FS What?

FS What?

BS Punt

BS Punt

King of the Groms

His first wave was at Sunset when he was 6 months old. Going forward, after endless trips from his Pop's place in Durban to Mom's place in Puerto, Sebastian Williams was crowned the legendary King of the Groms. So we picked the lean, mean, ripping machine, about Donald Trump, flat spells and landing King of the Groms.

part I


A/F: How stoked were you when you landed King of the Groms?

Sebastian Williams: Over the moon, definitely my best achievement and the location they had it at was paradise so it couldn't have been better.


What's your go to past time when you hit a flat spell? Depends where I am, if I'm in Mex I normally go fishing, if I'm in South Africa me and all my friends always find something to do like skate if not then it's just movies all day.


You've dropped into some bombs, Puerto or Pipe? I haven't gotten a decent swell at Puerto yet but it's a little more sketchy being a beachbreak, but I think pipe is more perfect, so Pipe!


Your Pops was an ASP judge, how is it having your old man on the beach giving you notes on ripping in comps?

It's the best thing I could ask for, every comp, even free surfs he's always helping me with technique and certain things that have helped me even today.


When was the last time you almost died? I don't really remember, but I can remember that when I turned 8 I was surfing a reefbreak and I did an air on a close out and went over the falls and my leash got hooked on a rock and I couldn't reach it and I couldn't reach the surface either, luckily the leash snapped after about 20 seconds but when I came up I had 28 urchins in my foot.


Favorite pre heat jam? I've got a playlist that consists of Deep House, Trance, The Wall by Pink Floyd and good rap songs.


Insta babe your followers should be following? Definitely my bestfriend @sehthompson

You dropped into town for the US Open, how was all the hectic mess?

It wasn't too bad this year, I was last here when all the riots happened that was fun, this year was chilled, still a lot of people but mainly just beach babes tanning.


What was the kookiest you saw? I once saw a guy coming in through the shore break with his back to the ocean and a huge set knocked him down and his longboard broke.


What's something most people know about? Pokemon Go?


Sebastian Williams? What's that?


What's your thoughts on surfing in the 2020 Olympics? I think it'll be fun with the new wave pools and all that and in 4 years time they'll be even better so could be sick.


Do chicks back tubes or airs? Definitely big airs.


Trump? El Chapo will take care of him.


If you could live one place forever? Just north of Puerto Escondido where I live right now is paradise.


What would be your last meal? In'n'out double double with a milkshake.


Worst trend in surfing? Hipsters.


What was the last text you sent? "Fuck off Kristina hahah"


What did you eat for breakfast this morning? Eggs and ham with fries and chamomile tea.


Dream trip? Mentawais with a small group of friends for 2 weeks and non stop waves with nobody else out.


Favorite flick? Dear Suburbia.


First book you ever read? It was definitely a Dr. Seuss one I just don't remember which one.


Tupac or Biggy? I haven't heard either one of their music but everyone seems to choose Tupac.


Kelly or A.I.? A.I forever.


Best thing about insta? DM's.


Worst thing about snapchat? Screenshots.

d o n e


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