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He's a young blood, surfs like a man and charges on the sets, but that's only in the water. Parker Cohn of Newport Beach can hold down a couple burgers in his belly just as well as he can racing down the line. With this being said, we caught him getting some grinds at Woody's Diner with Tyler (Gunter) and questioned him about more important things than sponsors, like instababes and retirement plans for your old man. x Abstractfilth

Parker cohn

Abstractfilth: Current state of mind

Parker Cohn: Im pretty pyshced.


Last flick you saw?

I’m pretty sure Step Brothers.


Last time you almost died?

Probably Todos… It was just a pretty big day and I went on a closeout and ditched my board. After that

It was a rugged hold down. It was long enough for me not breathe that well afterwards.


First date

Frozen Yogurt.


Best grind

Al Cap.


Instagram Crush

Bryanna Holly.






No waves



No crowds

Go bigger.


Advice to adults

Make a lot of money and retire at a young age.

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