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T lki ng  s m a c k


There’s this kid that we know… named Calvin Saxton who creedles around as Kid Creature. He’s an accomplished artist, and surfer who juggles his disciplines in the arts from working for brands like Veeco  to Stance Socks. The lad is building quite the resume at the ripe age of 16. Exploring deserted points in OZ to high class mummy dens in London. Industry guys back his trip, while boys in the water know of aquanaut shredding ability on the board to his underground shaping bay up in Mesa. From his dead doodles to three headed snakes his work is understated and radical. Calvin Saxton works in a world where there is no line separating work and fun. On the lam, we tested him about one eyed cyclops, Syria and more.  Abstractfilth











Tell us how it all began... One Eyed Cyclops or something?

Yeah! It started when I was ten years old. I made a t-shirt out of one the cyclops I’ve drawn because the warehouse neighbor had a new garment  t-shirt printer. So we made a couple of those and give it to volcom pros like Andrew Doheny was on a surf trip with Dane Reynolds, and Dane kinda stoked on one, wanted one, so he gave him one. Thena couple days later after giving him some t-shirts on the podium at the Hurley pro at Trestles then it all took off from there.


How did you respond when Dane started backing your work by wearing your shirts at the Lowers Pro?

I was kinda shocked. Because six months I was watching these guys in surf movies, and looking up to them. Then six months later they were wearing my t-shirts. I was like “Wooo…”


When did shaping come about?

I was ten, and Andrew Doheny helped me shape my first board.


How many boards have you shaped?

I think close to 125.


What projects that are coming up that you are excited about?

I have been doing a lot more pattern based things, so I don’t know about project necesarily. I’ve just been stoked on doing that.


There’s no secret you like Fuzz and Ty (Segall) do you find any correlation in your work to Psychedelic Garage Punk?

Yeah I always listen to that stuff while I’m drawing… so it gets you in the mood. I always listen to that music.



























I think a million groms would kill to meet Ty how did you meet him?

I went to a show one time and gave him some t-shirts. It was in Arizona and my parents surprised me. They were like, “Come out with us…” and it was sick.


Did you guys kick it off, or did you pick his brain?

No not really… I was pretty star-struck man. He was super cool though.



Your brother Mac might be the next Scorsese of Surf flicks, your sister rips on piano. What are your Mr. and Mrs. Saxton cooking up over there?

Just good parenting. [Laughs]


You’ve been around the block from Mex, Costa Rica and the North Shore for surfing what do you think is the recipe is for a good trip?

The best rips are awlays the ones that aren’t  planned out. Just going with the flow and just hanging. The last we showed up in Costa Rica, it kinda sucked. Then we were like I think were get in the car for a couple hours and go to Pavones… then we ended up staying 10 days in Pavones. It’s super hard to plan, because you don’t know exactly what it’s going to be like. Just don’t sweat it and do what’s best.


Your work continues to evolve and mature what do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

Just doing more pattern based clothing, art and paintings.


[Speed Round]

Time travel?

The 70’s.



No thank you.



Great past time.


Clear History?

Andrew English’s computer.






Stay out of there.


x Abstractfilth







Dane in Japan. KC Shirt.
Tunnel driving.
Napkin Apocalypse.
Seal Tooth with a familiar shirt.
Cal at work.
Family of Monsters.
Cal in the bay.
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