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Uncensored with Tyler Gunter

Tyler Gunter is savage. If he's not turning that dumpy beach break into your favorite ramp or that slab down the street into a tube house, this giant slayer is probably doing everything in between including your sister. So he took some time off the bombs to tell us about The Berrics, Lil Wayne and the place to go before you die. -Abstractfilth

Wedgy I
Mug Shot
Bottom Turn on Hell
FS Release
Wedgy II
BS Air

“Vietnam, me love you long time. All day, all night, me love you long time.
Dropping acid on the Mekong Delta, smoking grass through a rifle barrel, flying on a helicopter with opera blasting out of loudspeakers, tracer-fire and paddy-field scenery, the smell of napalm in the morning. 
Long time.”

― Alex Garland, The Beach

Abstractfilth: What did you eat for breakfast?

Tyler Gunter: Okay I didn’t eat till lunch time, and I had a poke bowl.


Do you remember your first beer?

I remember taking sips when I was eight. [laughs]


If you could describe Hawaii in two words?

Wild and scary.


Last text you sent?

I just texted my dad, “Are you coming to Australia with me?”


You’ve been cruising to The Berrics with Shane [Borland] quite a bit how was last time you checked in with Lil Wayne?

It was pretty gnarly we skated with him, from midnight till five in the morning.



Dude, he had a blunt in his mouth the whole time. His bro was rolling them up for him,so there was always one that never left his mouth.


Do you have a spirit animal?

Kinda, a lot of my friends compare me to a dog.


There’s word that you shoot photos when you’re on the road, how did that all come about?

I was in Hawaii,my buddy had an extra camera. So I bought my own and just brought it all over. Now I carry it everywhere I go.


Best pickup line?

“Hey what’s up I’m Tyler.”


One place everyone should visit before they die?

Australia, for sure… it’s a sick place.


Favorite book?

 Probably Hunger Games.


Worst flick?

Fuck… I don’t know. [Laughs]


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