s u r f   r e h a b

s u r f   r e h a b

Truly yours



youth in pursuit

the sky roared,

the ocean swelled,

the grass was burned,

and their spirits cried as they looked down from the heavens to see the wealth of creation. a land of taste, the ocean released its energy upon them as they induldged it's blessings. they left their hearts in Pavones. cheers.

imagery by Daniel Fowlie

"Pavones we fucking love you long time."

558.079 West, 261.243 North



no AC

beer in bulk

"On the first night Dan and Toast wandered off to buy beer and they got lost for an hour with no phones but they finally found their way."

sick surf

no "image"


"Things go a lot slower, and nobody cares about their "image" everyone just kinda cruises around and surfs."

hot as hell

Hot shred fest