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 Here in front of me is Grant Noble, 19 years old surf enthusiast, photographer, shaper, born and bred in Huntington Beach, CA. Most notable for riding alternative shapes, Grant can do it all, from a skim at wedge to skate at your local park. Also with enough sponsors to cover his board from nose to tail, Grant does it all for the feeling, and asks for nothing in return. So we kicked back, and talked about his surf porn addiction.

ABSTRACTFILTH: What do you think about surf porn? Grant Noble: [Pause] I feel surf porn has too many thrusters. A good vibe, but not everyone wants to see Kelly doing a turn.

If Oprah was in the water, what would she be riding? I feel like she would be on the performance single, or a Mark Richards twin.

Do you remember your first beer? Yeah, it was yesterday [Laughs].

Blondes or Brunettes? [Laughs] That very well depends, it depends on the girl.

Grinds? I kind of like Mexican food, Taco Bell is where it’s at. 

What’s your worst experience at a McDonalds? I ordered an upper decker (pooped in the top compartment) in Santa Cruz, and destroyed the toilet [Laughs].

Surf films? Expensive Porno movie, by far the best surf video I’ve seen in a while.

How long have you been watching surf porn? Kind of a while, I bought my first DVD a couple years ago, and really influences the maneuvers you do. Once you start… you can’t stop.

Why “Death to thrusters?” I don’t know, I really wanna start riding a thruster again. I just don’t like the performancy ones, just too much rocker, around 2 1/8. You’re in California bro it doesn’t get bigger than like four foot ever, it’s bigger than four foot like twice a month. Maybe just one in the quiver.

WSL? That shit is wack… go Noa Deane. [Laughs]

Who’s the babe to follow on the gram? I’m kind of an Alana Blanchard fan…. Best bottom turns in the biz.

The last time you almost died? I saw a UFO today, I swear it was going to kill us.

Have you been on any surf safaris lately? Yeah I just got back from up North, and it was so rad. I got so choped.

What is your advice to kids these days? Just stay in the water, and surf every single day, try every kind of board, from a longboard, shortboard, 2+1, single fin. You just have to be well-rounded.

Cheating 5.
FS Rounder.
Cruising for a brewsing.
Steady and ready.

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