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her style

Dax McGill

kind, and rips.

North Shore, Oahu.

Shreds in and out of the water.

Boys, take notes.

she shreds

Abstractfilth: What's an average day for Dax McGill?
Dax McGill: Surf, Train, Skate or surf, and hangout with friends

Go to travel item you can't leave without? My hard drive. Keeps all my photos videos and memories.

The place to go to before you die? I really want to check out Ireland or Sweden!

Last meal? Sushi.

Dropping into the mega ramp? Felt like surfing Waimea. Absolutely scared shitless.

Getting fresh sticks is always rad, how many boards do you have your quiver? Freshies are the best!! I think my quiver is about 20 boards.

Have you seen a ghost? I'm not sure it might of been my mind imagining things, but I just try to close my eyes in the dark as much as possible. [Laughs]

Heaviest place you've surfed? Waimea.

There is so much water and energy moving it feels like the whole world is collapsing when A wave breaks.

Best post surf grind? A banzai bowl!

Street or tranny? Tranny.

Trump? Ronald Reagan for president. [Laughs]

Woodward in 3 words? Heaven on earth.










Best out of the water inspiration? Blondie.

MySpace? Before my generation.

Last song you listened to? All of the time by Locksley.

Last text you sent? Let's go.

Worst trend in music? Rap.

What's the next trip? Back to the Mentawais on the 6th.

Something most people don't know about Dax McGill? My family calls me Noodles and I've always wanted to learn how to tap dance.

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