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photos by Mac Saxton


Mac Saxton is our brother in film. He shoots some sick shit in and out of the water as well as drops some dope edits time to time. He comes from a family of super humans, a sister who rips at life and piano and his brother runs Volcom’s Kid Creature. His work has been all over the map, from shooting Dane (Reynolds) to Droid ripping. So on a nice Sabbath day we dialed him up, and asked him what else he’s cooking up.







A/F: What’s up brother.

Haha hey!


Is right now a good time?

Yeah just got off the phone with Apple.


How old were you when you snaked your first camera?

I was always into film since I was younger. Then I saw one of my brother’s friend's surf videos and I was really shocked. It wasn’t Trestles on a shitty cam recorder. It actually production value. Then I picked up this cam recorder around the house and it was the only thing we had.Then my Dad bought a 7D and gave it to me. So that was my first camera.


You’ve dropped a couple videos from down in Costa Rica with your brother Calvin (Saxton) to in your backyard at Wedge, what do you think was of the sickest trips you’ve been on to shoot?

Oh I don’t know that’s tough! But recently I went to London to see the whole culture. However Costa Rica is just awesome.


Anti surf trip excursion.

Who do you think was one of your most favorite boys to go on a surf trip?

Probably my brother. When we’re on vacation were hyper as shit and we act like six year olds again. He’s also pretty photogenic.


Your work consists a lot of stoner metal like [Elelctric] Wizard or some of Ty’s shit, how do you pick up your sound?

It kinda depends when I’m filming. I just choose a setting, how the guy is surfing and spend an afternoon looking for songs. I’m starting to experiement with more genres like rap.


Our Jake Reuter video was kinda ranked, how stoked were you when the boys at  Monster Children featured it?

I was super psyched. They emailed back and told me to send over some stills.Then they posted it on MC and tagged me a bunch.


Your a Scorsese nut like we are, have you checked Vinyl?

I watched the pilot, but then again I walked into it with super high expectations, because I love him so much. I just need to give it another chance.


You just finished the new teaser for A/F what else on your plate?

Just working on some short films with my friend with some weird ideas and a lot of visuals going on we just need to come up with some decent stories to accompany them.


Fuck yeah. Who do you think influences your work the most?

I don’t know because I consume so much ideas a day, I just pull inspiration from so much stuff. Surf video wise Jeremy Lynch he’s brutally harsh and has underlying message to his work.


If you could shoot anyone in the world alive or dead who would it be?

Just guys who are a powerhouse of creative energy, but not just one specific person.


Where do you see yourself 10 years down the road?

Complete a script and have a feature film underneath my name.


Epic. Thanks brother for allowing us to pick your brain.

Yeah definately. That was fun, thanks again for the support!




Check out Mac Saxton's showreel he just dropped.

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