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Stylish. Shreds. Fucking Sick.

Straight outta HB, rides for Black Label, Cons, Spitfire and Brixton. 

"I rather look good doing a frontside grind, then look like an idiot doing a 540."

the interview

A/F: Digging up You Tube gold, with your old dog skate footage with the boys. As a grom did you ever see yourself bringing that skill to the public eye today? Jake Reuter: I never paid attention, I just really loved skateboarding since I was a ever since I was a little kid. I found one lying in my Dad’s garage, and just climbed on it when I was 2 or 3.

You cruised for a bruisin a couple times going for hammers, where do you think was your worst slam? I knocked myself in a backyard pool, and had vertigo for 2 weeks. It was pretty heavy, I just hung up and went straight to my head.

Your Pops has runned the most core shop in Orange County (Joker’s Skateshop) how was it growing up around OG legends like Duane Peters to  Christian Hosoi? Oh it’s rad! They’re just the funniest characters. I could not imagine what those people would be if they didn’t skateboard, it would be insane. Skaters are just the weirdest, coolest, fucked up people ever. They rule.

You bring a unique approach when you roll up to something, who do you think has style for miles in skateboarding? Just getting weird, and doing way different stuff. It’s not about doing the raddest thing you can do, that’s rad too, but you have to get weird. I’m not that good compared to a lot of other fucking skateboarders. So I prefer do things they wouldn’t normally do. I rather look good doing a frontside grind, then look like an idiot doing a 540.











What’s something that most people don’t know about Jake Reuter? I don’t know how to burp. [Laughs]


Yeah I have never burped in my life.

Skating on a team is way more than just a paycheck, what has something that you’ve taken away from skating with legends regularly? It’s always the best skating with your friends you know. Skating contest and stuff is cool, but when you have a good session with your buddies, it doesn’t matter where your at. It makes you wanna skate so much harder. All your buddies are getting some and it’s rad.

What is the worst trend in skating at the moment? There are some bad ones out there. The worst trend is skateboarding is that the 90’s are coming back and that’s just the worst.

What is the ultimate pre grind to shred for you? I don’t like vegetables, lettuce or anything. All I eat is pizza, burritos and burgers. I eat the worst. I don’t feel tired or bloated. [Laughs]

FS Crail

FS Crail

FS Tailgrab Nose Grind

FS Tailgrab Nose Grind

FS Air

FS Air